Each destination wedding for a couple can become the beginning of a fairy tale wedding and for Subhi and Shahd a wedding in the Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea was exactly that…

For the couple the wedding planning destination had to be by the shores of Jordans Dead Sea, located in the idealic back drop of such a location stands the magnificent Hotel Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea, architecturally designed to complement the exotic and spiritual landscape of the Dead Sea.

 Wedding planning took its natural course as the actual landscape offered subtle hints in the direction the styling was to take. A perfect natural backdrop for any ceremony and celebration unfolded itself into the most dreamy and hazy scenery emphasizing the two main colours that were to dominate the events planning. Blue and white.  

Every detail planned just added more elegance to its refined and simple style. The fine art photography not only captures the refined planning provided by the exquisite styling but the dreamy atmosphere in which the couple seemed to be elevated.

What makes this even more exciting is the added change of scenery that is provided by the family in Jordan, who take the opportunity to transport the couple to the great city of Petra!!! Magnificent!!  

 Not only are they  transported in time and space but the luxury fine art photographer is blessed to have such a back drop to elevate this luxury wedding to another level.  

The earth coloured walls of Petra invite the couple to walk their love through its narrow passages and enjoy the magnificence of its history and the couples desire and pride to share it not just in the moment but on a fine art photograph. That becomes a precious treasure allowing this moment to last in time.

We imagine wedding events liaised to a certain protocol always always accompanied by love and of course religious beliefs. However this ceremony in Jordan breaks the barriers of the conventional due to cultural and religious beliefs, they fuse modern with tradition, they combine luxury with simplicity, history with contemporary etc.